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After logging in to Backlot, you end up at a blank page with the error message "Forbidden":

Screenshot 2023-10-31 at 10.10.47 AM.png


Your Backlot account is missing a role that is required in order to be able to use Source Management.



On the Account Management page, ask your local Backlot administrator to add one or both of the following roles to your account. 

  • For Content Partners:
    Content Partner Operations
    Content Partner Master Account

  • For Fulfillment Partners:
    Fulfillment Partner Operations
    Fulfillment Partner Master Account

Note: Your local Backlot administrator is any user who has the Master Account role. If you do not know who this is for your company, please contact your Netflix representative.


More Information

This is a requirement in the new Backlot Source Management dashboard. The old dashboard allowed access (for view only) without this specific role having been added to the user's account.



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