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Users now have the option to message specific groups directly within the CLP. This new messaging feature allows all followers of a given project the ability to share pertinent information and files regarding the project internally as well as externally with facility partners.

Within the Communications feature, there are three main communication channels…


Internal Timed Text Channel

Netflix to Netflix communication channel, messages go to all internal followers of the title in CLP

  • Use Case: Conversations between CPC’s or PMs regarding a title
    • Example: CPC escalates a linguist or vendor PM question to the Netflix PM
    • Example: PM sends kickoff information for a title to CPC

*Note: Users will need to enableInternal Messages in "App Settings" within the CLP


Timed Text Broadcasts Channel

Broadcast bulletin to all vendors and internal followers of the title in CLP

  • Example: PM or CPC update all vendors on locked cut or IMF readiness
  • Example: PM or CPC update all vendors that reference materials have been updated, or other relevant content-related information
  • Example: PM or CPC update all vendors that there was an issue found in template that needs to be corrected in all subtitles


Timed Text Vendor Channels

Netflix to vendor communication on a language level

  • Example: Vendor has timeline or content question that they escalate to CPC
  • Example: Netflix reaches out to vendor regarding instructions or corrections specific to the language(s) covered by that vendor

*Note: Users will need to enable specific languages they are working on using "App Settings"


Additional Functionality...



Users also have the option to add attachments to their messages within CLP. This new ability removes the need for users to fall back to regular emails when they need to provide or reference additional documentation. Please be aware that there is a max file size limit of 10MB per attachment.


Keyword Search

We have added the ability to search using keywords within project conversations. This allows you to quickly find the information you are looking for without having to scroll through all of the previous messages.

Simply click on the desired conversation, and you will see the new keyword search field at the top of the conversation.


Email Notifications

Followers of a given project will receive an email notification based on their user preferences and permission level. For example, if you are a follower of a title, and an internal message or broadcast is shared, you will receive an email notification which will include the message copy as well as a link to the project.


@ Mention Direct Messages

To ensure a desired recipient receives a communication, you also have the ability to @ mention a user if you are unsure if they are following the project and they will receive an email notification as if they were a follower. For example, you can escalate something to a PM on a title with an @ mention.

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