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The management of Sensitive Terminology is now available in our Terminology App





Inclusion is a core value at Netflix, and it is an important element of our brand identity. One of the essential goals of the Globalization team, the Dubbing team, and localization @Netflix is to make stories from all over the world available to our members in a language that they understand. This requires respecting the creative intent of our content creators, and at the same time respecting the local cultures of our members as much as possible.


In general, Netflix has taken the stance of not watering down the message of our content in localized assets, however heightened awareness is required when handling profanity in translation and dealing with dialog that represents attitudes toward race and ethnicity, the LGBTQIA+ community, gender, health and disabilities, religion, as well as geopolitically sensitive terms and other cultural sensitivities. 


Good translators aren’t just talented linguists - they serve as ambassadors between two cultures. Translators have the responsibility both to truthfully convey the original creative intent and to be standard bearers of their language, attuned to the nuances of its vocabulary, which means avoiding undue offense by not introducing disrespectful, inaccurate terms or perpetuating old stigmas.


The Benefit to Users

Sensitive Terminology is not new at Netflix and has been part of our localization workflows for some time, accessible in Help Center and CLQ for internal and external referencing.

Additional benefits:

  • Opportunity to integrate with various internal tools; visible highlights and context presentation (Originator on November 30, 2022 and other tools following in 2023)
  • A clean, functional UI for users to quickly access a source of truth for all terms and the functionality to search, sort, and filter down to specific types or topics of interest as needed for proper localization
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