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UPDATE 12/6: The new Request Page is now available for all QC requests. Following the Phase 1 launch for timed-text QC in October, we have now expanded the new experience to all non-text tasks across Download, Cast, and Browser. 

The redesign of the Request Page has been segmented into the following three phases:

Phase 1 (Complete)

  • Support for timed-text tasks (CC/SDH & Subtitles) in Browser mode
  • Simplified Request Page Header
  • Simplified Tasks Actions 
  • Collapsible Issue Panel (Optional)
  • Updated Issue Filtering 
  • New Floating Issue Window (Optional)

Phase 2 (Complete)

  • Phase 1 redesigns now supported for non-text tasks (video, audio) across Download, Cast, and Browser
  • Package ID and Movie ID in Info Modal
  • Resources and Required Assets Placement

Phase 3 (Up Next)

  • Studio Media Player (SMP) improvements.


Phase 1 and 2 Detailed Walk-Through


1 Request Page Header

The header metadata located at the top-left of the Request page has been simplified.

  1. Release year and content type (episode, standalone, etc.) have been removed to reduce clutter and it now includes only the essential information needed for Operators and Verifiers.
  2. Movie ID and Package ID have been moved to the info modal
  3. The unique QC Request ID can still be located in the browser URL
2 Simplified Tasks Actions The Task Actions menu, Required Assets, and Resources are located at the top-right of the Request Page to streamline user actions. Operators and Verifiers can start, complete, or abandon tasks, and we have moved asset metadata out of the Issue Panel and into its own consolidated popup.  Tasks in this menu are driven by a user’s role and they will only see those actions that they have permission to perform. 
3 Collapsible Issue Panel The layout of the Issues Panel has been improved to provide the Operator or Verifier flexibility when flagging issues, including the ability to collapse or expand the issues panel to maximize the player area as needed. 
4 Updated Issue Filtering The Filter Issues capability is located next to the Collapsible Issue Panel Menu icon and allows users to both hide issues and group them by various dimensions.



New Floating Issue Window 

When the Issue Panel is collapsed, Operators can optionally activate a floating issue flagging window to maximize the player area and still flag issues as needed. The window can be positioned anywhere in the UI.


For additional details, refer to this article. 

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