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Locked Cuts can be delivered in a variety of ways in Content Hub.  This article will teach you how to deliver Locked Cuts via the Request tab in Content Hub. If you are accessing Content Hub for the first time please find detailed instructions here. More information on how to navigate to the Request Tab can be found here.   If you prefer to deliver Locked Cuts via the Assets Tab, instructions can be found here. A detailed creation guide can be found here should you have any questions about file specifications.  

Delivery Via The Request Tab

Before you begin your delivery, it is important to note that assets CANNOT be in a folder and you MUST upload all of your files at once. 

1. Select the request by clicking for the locked cut you would like to upload.  This will expand the row.


Figure A

2. From the expanded view select Upload Files.


Figure B

3. In the upload window, either drag and drop your files into the window or navigate to your files on your local machine.


Figure C

4. Select Upload.


Figure D

5. Aspera Connect will connect and your upload will begin.


Figure E

Redelivery Via The Request Tab

Before you begin redelivery , for requests that are in a Processed state, you have the ability to set those to redelivery. Once your requests are in redelivery, you must delete all of the current files before you upload new ones. If your Request is  Accepted, please reach out to your Netflix Contact to set the request to redelivery.

1. Select the checkbox or boxes of the request for the locked cut you wish to redeliver.


Figure F

2. In the blue banner at the bottom of the screen select Redelivery.


Figure G

3. Select the X next to each file. Then select Delete from the confirmation window. You MUST delete all files before you can reupload.


Figure H

4. You are now ready to deliver new files.


Figure I

Adding Notes Via The Request Tab

You can add notes to your locked cuts that will populate the Assets Tab, but they will not be included in any email notifications. To add notes: 

1. Select the checkbox or boxes of the request you wish to add notes.


Figure J

2. In the blue banner at the bottom of the screen select Add Note.


Figure K

3. Enter your note and select Save.


Figure L


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