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Need to know what’s happening with an asset? With the Activity Tab, you can see:

  • Who released or unreleased an asset

  • Which domains it was released to

  • If we successfully created a package for Media Center or AVA

  • The package id for the Media Center or AVA package

How to see the activity history

1. Navigate to the asset


2. Hover over the thumbnail

3. Select the ( i ) icon

4. In the side panel, select the Activity tab


5. See a history of what’s happened.

This includes:

  • Who released
  • Date / time of release
  • Which domains got the release

6. If there is a note included with the release, you’ll see that below the release info.


7. If an asset was released based on your project’s default release configuration, you’ll see “Released by Auto Release”.


8. If active packages are created successfully for AVA or Media Center, you’ll see the date and time the package was created. 

You’ll also see the package ID.

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