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Content Hub Delivery Workflow


To upload/download files in Content Hub, you'll need the Aspera Connect plugin installed and up to date. Confirm that you do not have previous versions of this plugin installed or running before attempting to upload.   

Content Hub supports Windows & Mac operating systems only.

For additional instructions on how to access and upload to Content Hub see these Help Articles: 

Content Hub - How to Access for the First Time

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Content Hub Upload/Download Issues


Prior to uploading to Content Hub, you must create a submission folder locally using the following folder naming convention:

 Submission Folder Naming Convention

Uploaded by

Recommended Folder Naming Convention





Content Hub File/Folder Limitations

Legal characters: [ a-z ], [ A-Z ], [ 0-9 ], [ . ], [ _ ], [ - ]

ILLEGAL: spaces or any other symbols/characters

ILLEGAL: Duplicate files and folder names


When submitting multiple batches of shots on the same day, version up the submission folder name by adding “_01” etc. or “A” etc. to the end of the submission folder name.

If you are submitting mini-cuts for shots in context, we ask that you submit both the sequence and the updated individual shots within that sequence. For example, if a sequence has 4 shots and only 2 of the shots are new versions, please submit the sequence and those 2 new shots. We do not need duplicate versions submitted. Include the date and a letter in mini-cut file names to help ensure they are unique from previously submitted versions.

Example naming for a minicut of the TCC sequence in show name AGM:

AGM_TCC_minicut_200116a.mov (a is the 1st minicut generated on 16 Jan 2020) AGM_TCC_minicut_200116b.mov (b is the 2nd minicut generated on 16 Jan, 2020)

AGM_TCC_minicut_200117a.mov (a is the 1st minicut generated on 17 Jan 2020)

Place your batch of shots for review into the submission folder along with a CSV Submission Form that matches the folder name, then upload the complete Submission Package to the Content Hub Workspaces shared review folder. This folder will be set up and shared with you prior to your first upload and will appear in the ‘Workspace Shares’ area of Content Hub. Do not include extra sub-folders or nested files in your Submission Package. 

Do not move or delete folders during or after the upload is complete, as this will cause your Submission Package to fail.


Figure A

You can check the status of your upload by selecting the "i" info icon on the Submission Folder:

VFX_Watch_2.png VFX_Watch_3.png

Figure B

Or you can check your IBM Aspera Connect Activity Window: 


Figure C

Reminder, please do not move or delete folders during or after the upload is complete, as this will cause your Submission Package to fail. 

If the package was uploaded in error, please version up, submit a new package and notify your Netflix VFX representative rather than deleting the original submission. If the package is incomplete or contains errors you will receive a fail notification email and can address any errors at that time.



We ask that you accompany each delivery with a submission form that contains contextual metadata for each version:

Metadata Fields

Version Name 

Full name of the file, including the file extension (must match the file name exactly)


VFX Shot Name, Asset Name, Sequence, or Episode (e.g. 101, 102) that the version is linked to

Scope of Work

Description of VFX work being done


Name of submitting vendor

Submitting For

WIP or Final

Submission Note

Any director/show notes specific to the version being reviewed


You can find our .CSV Submission Form template here. If you are not using the Netflix provided template, please export a .CSV of requested fields directly from your database making sure to update the field names in the export to match our required metadata fields exactly. 


If you are using Excel, please export as a CSV UTF-8 (Comma delimited) (.csv) file. 


Once a package has uploaded and processed in Content Hub, you will receive an automatic email notification with your submission status.


Package was uploaded and delivered. If you've submitted a package with incomplete metadata, you'll receive a warning message detailing what metadata was missing.


Figure D


Package was uploaded but there was an encoding error or missing critical metadata (such as mismatched file and version names or missing files) which has prevented delivery. You must either correct the version names within the submission CSV to match the files, or correct the files themselves and re-add them into the submission folder (replacing any incorrect/corrupt files or adding any missing files in order to complete the submission).


Figure E


To re-upload a corrected CSV or media file for a FAILED submission use the first link in the notification email to navigate to the appropriate submission, then drag the corrected files into the original submission folder. When updating files, you will be asked whether you would like to replace existing files with newer versions. Click Yes, Replace All. 


Figure E

If you do not receive any email notifications at all, please navigate to the Mailbox > VFX Media Review page and look up your submission. There you can check to see the status of your submission. 

There are 4 possible statuses for each submission:

  • In Progress - The files and your CSV are being processed. 
  • Redelivery - Check your email notifications for the cause of redelivery. 
  • Completed - Media was submitted successfully. 
  • Failed - An unexpected error has occurred.  Please reach out to support.


Figure F

Processing time will vary depending on the size of your submission package, but if your upload has completed and you do not see a status change after 3 hours please follow the instructions on how to share from Workspace and file a Content Hub support ticket.


With each successful submission package, we ask that you still send an accompanying email notifying your Netflix VFX representative that a package has been uploaded.


Please use the following subject line for your submission notifications:


[Studio Review] Submission Package Name

Ex: “[Studio Review] D5B_MRX_VFX_Submission_20191225_01”

To help us troubleshoot should any issues arise, please include the following in the body of the email for reference:

  • A brief description of what is being uploaded
  • The list of files that were uploaded to Content Hub
  • CSV submission form attached to email


Figure G



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