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Please note that as of April 2024, ShotGrid has been renamed to Autodesk Flow Production Tracking.


To navigate the overall Project page, select the Flow Production tracking logo in the upper left-hand corner. On the Projects page, you will be presented with a list of projects you've been on-boarded to. To access your project, select the Project Name. If you are still waiting to see your Project listed, you can contact your Netflix VFX contact for access.


Click on your project title to access Status Reporting:

First, the project Shots Import tab will be in the upper right. If no Shots have been imported, you will see an empty page:

If you select the  Assets Import tab in the upper right, you will see all of the assets that have been imported. If no Assets have been imported, you will see an empty page:

If you select the Summary, you can see important links regarding the project in the Project Links widget: 

  • Project Links:
    • VFX Project Agenda Link: Document referenced during regular communications with Netflix VFX Team.
    • VFX Production Report Link: Navigates to the area for more detailed reporting of VFX finances
    • Additional Custom Page Link: Usually not applicable, but may contain a link to a custom page.
    • Contract Tracker Link: Applicable for projects using the Contract Tracker and Payment Schedule Google Sheets.

You can also see visualizations of reported shots, asset, and vendor statuses:


  • VFX Shot Status / VFX Asset Status:: Displays the overall shot or asset status breakdown for the project in pie graphs.
  • Shots / Assets by Vendor and VFX Shot / Asset Status: Displays the number of shots by status per vendor in horizontal bar graphs.


From the main projects page at netflix-review.shotgunstudio.com, Click on VFX Production Reporting to access the area for more detailed financial reporting:

Those with permission to view financial reporting will see the following information first: shot status by vendor, shots by status, shot count summary, show info, finals remaining, shots delivery schedule, shots overdue by vendor, asset status by vendor, shots by studio status, and much more. 


Select the Financial Overview tab in the upper right. You will see the following information: locked budget, cost report approved EFC, projected totals, potential (overages)/savings, projected vendor cost detail, latest published VFX production report, report overview, and more. 


If you select the Exposure tab in the upper right, you will see the exposure detail and summary. 


If you select the Look Ahead tab in the upper right, you will see the following: assets review schedule, shot review schedule, assets detail, and shot detail. 


Flow Production Tracking SUPPORT

Q: Who do I reach out to around adding another User?

A: Reach out to your Netflix VFX contact with the following information: Include the following information:

  1. First & Last Name
  2. Email Address
  3. Level of Permissions: "View Only" or "Edit."

Q: I'm experiencing data import issues; where can I get help?

A: Check out the Importer tips on field formatting article.


Q: I have additional questions and concerns. Who should I reach out to?

A: Reach out to your Netflix VFX contact with requests; they will be able to escalate cases internally at Netflix as needed.



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