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Two articles have been edited in the May 2023 update cycle. Please check each article's change log for more details.



  • The Filipino TTSG has been updated as follows:
    • Corrections have been made to spelling in sections 12) Numbers, 17) Spelling and 19) Special Instructions
    • The rule requiring a space before terminating punctuation in song lyrics has been removed. Please refrain from adding spaces before periods, question marks and exclamation marks in lyrics, making sure standard punctuation rules are followed instead
    • A section in 19) Special Instructions covering contractions has been removed, please refer to 17) Spelling instead



  • The Arabic TTSG has been updated as follows:
    • A correction has been made to an SDH example showing speaker ID and dialogue on the same line
    • New sections have been added covering dialect/Arabic variants in SDH, Arabic templates and how to deal with profanity and swear words
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