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Error Code:

DolbyVisionInspector-MetadataExtractionError (Metafier was not able to extract Dolby Vision metadata from the video essence)

Error Message(s):

Dolby Vision sources require metadata to be present. This error indicates missing metadata or a source wrongly delivered as Dolby Vision. Metafier was unable to extract metadata from baggins://cpe-srcdelivery-prod/xx/xx.mxf : [02/11/2023/02:07:07.250073287 metafier: ERROR Cannot find Metadata in MXF]"}


Our encoding tools were unable to successfully extract Dolby Vision metadata from the IMF source. Dolby Vision CM 2.9 or CM 4.0 mastering metadata must be muxed within the video MXF track. 


Review your project timeline in your IMF authoring tool to ensure that the video MXF track is tagged as Dolby Vision. Most tools provide a visual indication of this in the timeline. Re-export from your IMF authoring tool with the appropriate export settings as per our delivery specifications, making sure that the Dolby Vision metadata is muxed within the video MXF track. You can validate the presence of Dolby Vision metadata by using Metafier from Dolby Vision Professional Tools. 

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