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Users can track core assets in relation to deliveries with the new Asset Dependency feature.



All CLP users rely on original or localization assets to begin their work. From Locked Cut to Printmaster to As Recorded Dubbing Script, the entire lifecycle of asset creation and delivery is important to track and is a dependency to begin workstreams.


The Problem

Users are chasing and manually searching for the status of certain assets to begin their work.


The Solution

Full visibility and intuitive tracking of core assets in relation to the task at hand.

Users can now select the “i” next to the “Not Ready” Status to see asset dependencies. 


Example of As Recorded Dub Script:


Example of Audio Description Script:



  • The “i” icon will only be visible when there are any undelivered asset dependencies that are preventing the request from being ready.
  • If dependencies are delivered, the “i” disappears, but users can see asset dependency details in the Details panel.


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