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We Want Your Ideas on CLP Features

The CLP team is bringing a streamlined application feedback workflow to simplify the process of managing and monitoring submitted feedback for feature requests! Now, the CLP Feature portal can be accessed directly in the CLP, allowing users to track all submitted ideas conveniently.

The new workflow includes a convenient button called "Submit Feedback and Ideas" in the support section.

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When you select this button, you will be taken to the Feature Portal. Here, you can share your idea for feature requests or enhancements and explain why it’s important to you.

Once submitted, the CLP Team will review your feedback! We plan to review feedback on a bi-weekly basis, and then update the progress of the feedback directly in the portal.

NOTE: This workflow is specifically for providing suggestions to enhance the CLP. If you are experiencing any problems with the application, please use the in-app Support widget found under the “? Help” icon to submit a support request.

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After the feedback is reviewed, you can expect to receive an email with an update on its status. In these status change emails, you’ll often find additional context highlighting why the decision was made.

Using the CLP Feature Portal and Upvoting

Whenever you would like, you can go to our new platform to view the status of your feedback or see feedback submitted by others.

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My Feedback: In the left navigation, you’ll see a section for “My Feedback.” Here you can see all the feedback you’ve previously submitted.

Categories: When submitting your feedback, you are asked to group it within a category. For example, Access Management, Filtering and Sorting, Request Actions, etc. Categories allow us to group feedback by similar features of the application or by similar themes.

Searching & Submitting Feedback: The search bar at the top of the page serves two purposes. You can use it to enter new ideas or to search for specific ideas.

Comments & Upvoting: When looking at a piece of feedback, you can interact with it in additional ways.

By selecting the "Vote" button, you can show your support for an idea by upvoting it. When you upvote an idea, you become attached to it and will receive any status updates. However, it's important to note that while voting shows your support for a feature, the number of votes alone may not be the sole factor determining how or when a feature is prioritized.
You can always comment on feedback to provide more context or offer a different opinion.

The CLP team is looking forward to receiving your feedback!

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