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From the Assets Tab in Content Hub you will be able to view metadata on each asset that are part of our long term archive. When accessing the Assets Tab please note that the page will default to dark mode and if you need help navigating the Assets Tab you can find help here

Locating Asset Metadata

For every asset you can locate the metadata by selecting the i Icon for the asset.

Info Highlight Grid.png

Info Highlight List.png

Figure A

Metadata Tab

The first tab you will see is the Metadata tab. Here you will see a media player if your asset is playable in Content Hub. 

Asset Overview Player.png

Figure B

Next you will see an overview of the asset you are looking at. The information displayed here will be updated based on the asset type you are looking at. 

Asset Metada Overview.png

Figure C

Lastly you will see the source file/files that were uploaded. You can select the carrot next to the asset and file specific metadata will be displayed. 

Metadata Tab Metadata.gif

Figure D

Files Tab

The second tab you will see is the Files tab. Here you will see the original uploaded files and any proxy files that were created to playback the file in Content Hub. 

Files Tab.png

Figure E

You can select the carrot next to each file and overview metadata will be displayed for that asset. 

Files Tab Metadata.gif

Figure F

People Tab

The third tab you will see is the People Tab. Here you will be able to see who has shared the file and an overview of the share settings. Including if they can download the file and when the share expires

People Tab.png

Figure G

Activity Tab

The fourth tab you will see is the Activity Tab. Here you will be able to see a history of what has happened with the asset. This will update based on the asset but could included: 

  • Who released an asset
  • Date/Time of release 
  • Which domains got the release
  • Notes

Activity Tab.png

Figure H





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