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The Content Localization Portal has undergone a thorough overhaul. Netflix engineers have made 20 changes in the CLP in order to reduce the number of clicks it takes to complete a task, increase actionability, improve performance, and fix bugs. 

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Globalization and Dubbing Enhancements

Globalization Enhancements

Dubbing Enhancements


Globalization and Dubbing Enhancements

Feature: My Projects Load Time

🚩 Issue: Depending on the number of projects you have, “My Projects” can take a long time to load

The Fix: “My Projects” page loads 25-50% faster


Feature: Right Click to Open Projects in a New Tab

🚩 Issue: On “My Projects,” users can’t right-click to open a project in a new tab, which means users have to manually open new windows to do so.

The Fix: Users can open a Project in a new tab by right-clicking on the project in “My Projects”

Screen Recording 2023-09-19 at 9.36.29 AM (1).gif


Feature: Genre

🚩 Issue: Genre always appears as N/A


The Fix: Genres match what appears in Slate Manager.



Feature: Remove Confusing Hover-over Information

🚩 Issue: Hovering over certain cells in the requests page, redundant and sometimes confusing information is displayed.

Hover Over Info.png

The Fix: The hover-over information has been completely removed from the following columns:

  • Latest Cut
  • Type
  • Current Step
  • Status
  • Proxy


Feature: Status Column

🚩 Issue: Some statuses default to the backup color of orange


The Fix: Statuses default to the correct colors making it easier for you to scan the page and understand what needs action



Feature: Better Visibility into Deadline and Past Due Requests

🚩 Issue: Deadline and Past Due Requests aren’t as easy to spot when quickly scanning the page.

The Fix: To help users have better visibility into Requests that need your attention, the Deadline and Past Due requests are now displayed in RED to make them easier to spot.

-Red text only appears for requests that are NOT delivered yet (to make them stand out).

-White text appears for delivered assets with dates in the past.

Deadline Visibility.png


Feature: Improved Filter Search

🚩 Issue: When users search and select different filters, they cannot easily remove them – users have to search for them again or clear them completely.

Screen Recording 2023-09-19 at 10.06.25 AM (2).gif

The Fix: Previously selected filter options show up when users open the dropdown allowing them to deselect them when executing a new search.

Screen Recording 2023-09-20 at 9.50.06 AM (1).gif


Feature: Increased Filter Speed 

🚩 Issue: Searching and filtering for external talent users (Author, Linguist, and Manager) takes about 2-5 seconds, making multiple-user searches very time-consuming

The Fix: The faster load time (typically less than a second) dramatically improves the performance of these searches by taking advantage of more efficient ways of searching for eligible users in each case.


Feature: Email Sends Users to Pages in the CLP for Better Actionability 

🚩 Issue: CLP email notifications lack redirecting to actionable pages in the CLP

The Fix: The “call to action” in CLP email notifications sends you to the relevant action/page you need to action on in the CLP (e.g. Timed Text view, Dubbing view, Show Guide, etc.)

  • Following Projects Notification Emails - will now take you directly to the newly followed project (previously only took users to the CLP landing page).Screen Recording 2023-09-19 at 9.45.38 AM (1).gif


  • Task Assignment Notification Emails (for Dubbing Only) - takes users directly to the request in authoring (previously only took you to the Authoring landing page)Screen Recording 2023-09-19 at 9.46.26 AM (1).gif


  • Task Completion Notification Emails (for Dubbing only) - takes users directly to the project in CLP with the filter applied to show the request (previously only took users to CLP landing page)Screen Recording 2023-09-18 at 2.14.15 PM (1).gif


Feature: Communication Language Subscriptions

🚩 Issue: Users were getting emails for languages they weren't subscribed to 

The Fix: This has been fixed


Feature: Opening Communications 

🚩 Issue: When users click on a comms channel, it doesn't default load to the latest message

The Fix: It loads to the latest message


Feature: Maintain Line Breaks in CLP Comms

🚩 Issue: Users can add line breaks that appear in the communications directly in CLP, but they don't appear in the emails, making them hard to scan and digest. 

The Fix: Communication emails will match the line break formatting created in CLP comms.



Feature: Improved Visibility into Links within Conversations

🚩 Issue: The dark color of links within CLP Conversations is hard to read.

Bad Link View.png

The Fix: Improved legibility of links by changing the color to a lighter blue.



Globalization Enhancements

Feature: SASS Page Timeout

🚩 Issue:  SASS pages query for Assigned tasks for a linguist based on author/proofer and they often timeout. The page takes 13 seconds to load for users having a large number of assigned tasks

The Fix: The page loads in 5 seconds


Feature: Updates to the Timed Text History Table

🚩 Issue: The History Table lacks pertinent information that would be helpful when researching Timed Text Requests

The Fix: Now, the History table shows:

  • Task Creation Mode
  • Reason Code
  • Deadline Date

New Timed Text History Info.png


Feature: Remove  “Descriptive Audio”,“Premix Wav” and “Dub Audio (Postmix)” requests from CLP and Originator 

🚩 Issue: “ Descriptive Audio”, “Pre Mix Wav” and “Dub Audio (Postmix)” are asset types that still show on  the Timed Text table in CLP and on the Create page in Originator, although they’re not being used anymore, are not actionable in CLP, and instead should be handled via AssetQC when needed.

The Fix: “Descriptive Audio”, “Premix Wav” and “Dub Audio (Postmix)” have been removed to avoid any further confusion.


Feature: Remove Duplicate “At Risk” Emails

🚩 Issue: Originator and the CLP are both sending “At Risk” emails for the same Requests

The Fix: The delivery of “At Risk” email notifications from Originator has been disabled.

Old Originator Email.pngCLP Email Yes.png


Dubbing Enhancements

Feature: Improved Final Cut Proxy Nomenclature

🚩 Issue: In the Dubbing Latest Cut column, the Proxy information doesn’t always make sense - e.g. “Final Cut (24.0),” “Final Cut (53.0). The cut version in the Dubbing table data shows different version numbers than what’s shown in the Production Schedule

Proxy Prior.png

The Fix:  The latest cut version in the Dubbing table data reflects the same version number that is seen in the Production Schedule, making it much easier to understand the versioning of locked and final cuts in the Latest Cut columns.

Screenshot 2023-09-18 at 10.42.22 AM (1).png

Proxy Now.png


Feature: New Filters

🚩Issue: Users can’t search by MID, Current Step, or Status

The Fix: Users can use these additional filters to further customize their dubbing requests view:
- Movie ID
- Current Step
- Status


Feature: Update “Audio Description Audio” label to “Audio Description”

🚩Issue: Audio Description appears as “Audio Description Audio” on the table and within the filters

The Fix: It has changed to “Audio Description” to match how it appears in other tools such as Backlot.

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