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Error Code:

VALIDATOR-16 (Duplicate in Different Project)

Error Message:

​New source asset (sha1hash=34cbad7bb16d897fa9412853fc19c1a46a1ec6c4) is identical to the asset (id=5072771534) of the project (id=121715)


We create a SHA-1 checksum for every asset we ingest and compares it against existing checksums in our database.

If a new asset has a SHA-1 that matches an asset that is already delivered we do not ingest the new asset as this means the same file has already been delivered to us at some point.

A common example is when a Partner uploads the same video file for multiple episodes of a TV show erroneously. For example, the video for Episode 1 is uploaded twice to different source requests.


Open the file and verify the content matches the Source Request.

If you hit this error when correcting a previous mismatch between Source Request and asset, and you are confident the content is correct, please contact your Netflix representative to resolve the issue.

Are you a Netflix representative? You can solve this issue!

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