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Error Code:

TimedText-SccInvalidCommand (Invalid SCC Command Error)

Error Message:

Line 2109 Command: 0161 00:45:15:29 9420 13f2 97a2 0161 6e64 2073 f4e9 ecec 2068 e520 f761 7320 6180 94d0 9723 7375 f276 e976 eff2 2c20 616e 6420 f7e5 2


The closed caption file contains a command that is not recognized. This may result in unpredictable display behavior.

The error message is composed of the affected line number, the command in question, the timecode and contents of the line in hexidecimal format (similar to how you would see the data by opening the .scc file within a text editor).


Review the highlighted line and remove the command in question. Regenerate a new SCC file and reupload.

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