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Error Code:

M2TS-PacketSynch (MPEG2 Packet Sync Error)

Error Message:

Offset = 49453932604 Packet = 263052833 (0xfadde21) 


The MPEG-2 TS mezzanine file has significant errors related to the data construct of the Transport Stream container.

At a low level, a MPEG-2 TS file is made up of thousands of "packets" of data.  That packet data is expected to be found in very specific places, as defined inside the file itself.  When that packet data is not at the expected byte (called a sync byte), the decoder will skip that packet of data.  

There is a running "counter" that keeps track of all the packets that were skipped and feeds this info back to the decoder. This packet sync loss can cause errors when trying to decode the file that may be as minor as a single pixel not represented properly, or as major as a complete failure to decode the video, and thus we request fixed replacement files when we discover this error.  

Assisted QC Tools can expose these errors upon analyzing the file. In the image below, we see Sync_byte_errors that were discovered in one of those tools:


If the elementary streams are good, then a re-mux is indicated. Otherwise, a complete re-encode is required.

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