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Error Code:

Global Sync Drift Late (Audio)


"Global Sync Drift Late” refers to audio sync that drifts progressively later through a section or entire program (i.e. Audio starts in sync, is 2 seconds late in towards the middle of program, and 5 seconds late by the end of program).


Global audio sync drift impacts Technical and Content quality.  It will become progressively more noticeable and distracting to the customer, ultimately making the content unwatchable.

Severity Structure:




Audio drifts late compared to on screen action and dialogue.

How to Prevent: 

Review audio on timeline and ensure it is properly aligned with on-screen action, as sync can easily shift during an edit.

Verify that audio and video have been recorded at the same frame rate.


Adjust frame rate or fix sync on timeline and re-export audio as needed. Check the M&E for the same issue, and redeliver M&E as well if necessary.

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