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Error Code:

Sync - Global Offset (Audio)


"Out of sync" is the global mistiming of audio across all or a portion of the runtime. 


Out of Sync Audio impacts the Technical and Content Quality of an asset. The customer experience will be negatively affected if intended on-screen action and sounds occur at different times from one another. Possibly creative intent. Further assets derived from this mix will contain Out of Sync audio.

Severity Structure:


Audio effect is 1 frame or less out of sync.


Global offset of sync is out of sync by 1 frame or more.

How to Prevent: 

Lock tracks when not working on audio in order to avoid accidental slips.  Check sync points before any export. 


Reposition elements to sync with the video.

This usually affects Secondary Audio assets that have not been conformed against the Netflix proxy. Download the proxy from backlot, re-conform the Secondary Audio to it and redeliver.

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