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Baton by Interra Systems

We have collaborated with Interra Systems to create a set of Netflix presets, based on the Non-Branded Delivery Specifications, for the Baton product.  Netflix's Non-Branded Delivery Specifications v9.2 requires Baton version 8.2 or higher. 

Click this link to download the latest Netflix test plans for use with Interra Systems Baton.  

BMP by Interra Systems

Interra Systems’ BMP provides Fulfillment Partners with the ability to play, inspect, and verify content.  BMP supports SDI playout, playback support for IMF, sidecar,  and a wide range of audio, video, elementary, and container formats, along with support for closed captions and subtitle formats. BMP is offered both as a standalone media player and as an integrated part of BATON.

Click here for the datasheet

Click here to view the tutorial  

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