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SSTG1 by Canvas

In preparation for our upcoming launch in Japan, we partnered with CANVASs to create a Netflix Lambda Cap export in their SSTG1 Japanese subtitling tool. The export will validate against our Japanese Timed Text Style Guide as well as our Lambda CAP-specific automated inspections (requires v or above).

Using this export for all Japanese timed text files prior to delivery to our service will help minimize rejections and keep your Redelivery Rate low. Please see the short tutorial video below for instructions on how to use the export function:

For all current SSTG1 users who have already licensed a Lambda CAP export, Netflix has subsidized the Netflix Lambda CAP export so you get one license of it at no additional cost.

CANVASs will communicate download instructions to you directly if you are eligible for the free license. If you are interested in purchasing the Netflix export or would like additional licenses, please reach out to sales@canvass.co.jp

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