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Error Code:

VALIDATOR-15 (Duplicate in Same Project)

Error Message:

​New source asset (sha1hash=1b9486c1f5e92094b3cb8b8326cf1a507093824b) is identical to the asset (id=5071963747) of the same project.


We create a SHA-1 checksum for every asset we ingest and compare it against existing checksums in our database.

If a new asset has a SHA-1 that matches an asset that is already delivered we do not ingest the new asset, as this means the same file has already been delivered to us at some point.

In the images below you can see that the Source Requests for English (left) and Spanish (right) Closed Captions have had the same file delivered.



Open the file and confirm that the same asset is not being erroneously delivered to fulfill two separate Source Requests. It’s possible the language or asset type has been mislabeled.

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