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Error Code:


Error Message:

Line: 1249 Command: 9429 (RDC) ==> 00:23:56:17 942c 9429 9429 9452 9452 97a2 97a2 ecef ef6b 2061 f420 f468 e520 e6ec 79e5 f273 94f2 94f2 97a2 97a2 e6ef f220 f468 e


The automated ingest check has detected one or more RollUp, PaintOn or FlashOn control codes in the SCC file. The error message will provide the event number (Line) the problematic code and also the timecode.


Review the affected event and ensure that it is set to Pop-On mode. Also keep an eye out for any special characters or other settings that distinguish the event from the others. If changing the settings of that event do not work, then delete and recreate that particular event from scratch.

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