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Error Code:

Incorrect Asset - Asset Type (Text) 


The timed text file does not meet the file format specification as outlined in the source request. For example, delivering Subtitles to an SDH/CC source request.  


Netflix makes a distinction between Subtitles for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing (SDH)/Closed Captions(CC) and traditional Subtitles.

Ensure that the contents of the Timed Text asset you are delivering matches the asset type listed in the Source Request.

SDH/CC Source Requests require files that include speaker ID's, sound cues and other elements designed to ensure a viewer with a hearing impairment can follow along with the story.

SUB Source Requests require files that only contain a translation of the dialogue and plot-pertinent narrative text.

If you notice there is a mismatch before delivery, communicate this to your Netflix representative via backlot. Depending on the situation they may adjust the Source Request to accommodate the assets you have, or they may confirm that alternate sources must be created and/or located and delivered.

Should an asset fail for this issue then you will need to locate new assets that match the asset type in the Source Request or adjust your asset to meet our requirements.

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