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Error Code:

Translation - Objective Translator Error


Timed Text or dubbed audio translation does not correctly portray dialog of a native speaker.


This is usually caused when the translation has been performed by a non-native speaker or with the use of machine translation. The language used comes across as awkward, or the wrong words are used and it becomes difficult to follow the story being told.

The best way to avoid encountering this issue is to use a native speaker (of the language being translated into) to translate (if creating), or QC (if you are repurposing existing assets) the Timed Text file prior to delivery.

Either locate or create better sources and ensure a native speaker has checked the files before you redeliver.

From time to time you may encounter this issue where you believe the translation is accurate, or it has been adapted intentionally by the content creator. In this scenario please reach out to your Netflix representative via Backlot and the issue will be reviewed.

For dubbed audio, you can re-record the corrected translation with the original cast or with sound-alike voice actors.

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