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Error Code:

Extraneous Content - Black Box Background 


Subtitles contain a black background when background should be transparent.


This issue relates exclusively to TTML or STL files.

Closed or Teletext STL files can include black backgrounds. Avoid using Closed/Teletext format, instead, use the "Open" format (sometimes referred to as DVD) EBU STL files. Using "Open" usually means the subtitling software defaults to using a transparent background.

TTML files can specify background color in multiple places (i.e. once in the <styling> block and again in the <layout> or <region> blocks). If they are not all set to "transparent" then issues can arise. If the issue appears to be a bug in your software then contact the manufacturer. If you need to correct the issue immediately or an update/fix is not available then you can manually adjust the TTML to make all instances of "tts:backgroundColor" to equal "transparent". Be careful you do not inadvertently break the structure of the XML file or introduce any other issues.

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