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Error Code:

Missing Content - Truncation 


“Truncation” refers to an incomplete asset, where a portion of the program has been removed. This results in an abrupt cut out before the end of the program, or a cut in after the true beginning of the program. For example, the program includes a lack of credits or abruptly ends mid-dialogue. This is often the result of export or compression errors.


Depending on the severity of the truncation, the asset will either produce a poor customer experience or will be non-consumable if enough content is missing.

Severity Structure: 




A portion of the program is missing or cuts out.

How to Prevent:

Review in and out points prior to exporting to ensure full timeline is included.

Review content for missing material.

Be extra vigilant of what is selected when making any deletions.


Review your source. It is possible that either a bad edit has been performed which cut out the relevant material or that your transcode was truncated due to an intermittent issue with your system. If your source looks okay, re-transcode and then re-examine the material before and after export to ensure the full program is present before redelivery.

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