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Error Code:



“Truncation” refers to an incomplete asset, where a portion of the program is missing from the head/tail of the asset. This results in an abrupt cut out before the end of program or a cut in after the true beginning of program. This is often the result of export or encoding errors.


Truncation impacts the Content Quality of the asset.  Depending on the severity of the truncation (i.e. how much program content is missing), could produce a poor member experience or in severe cases, make the content unwatchable.  Key story points may be lost as well as being a potential contractual issue, if required main titles, end credits, or production logos are truncated/missing. 

Severity Structure: 



Issue (potential Blocker)

A portion of the program is missing or cuts out abruptly. Should be raised as a blocker if a significant amount of program is missing.

How to Prevent:

Review timeline in and out points prior to exporting to ensure full duration of the timeline is included.

Review head and tail to make sure any titles/ credits/logos are present and complete.

Be extra vigilant when making timeline selections for edits/deletion.


Replace missing content, if needed and review before and after export to ensure the program content is complete before redelivery.

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