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Error Code:

Non-Native Aspect Ratio


"Non-Native Aspect Ratio” refers to one of two issues:  Either the image is squeezed or stretched within the frame OR the content does not match the expected/ intended aspect ratio.  


16x9 content encoded as 4x3



4x3 content encoded as 16x9



“Non-Native Aspect Ratio” affects both the Technical and Content Quality of the asset.  Member experience is negatively impacted when the image is not displayed as creatively intended.  When the image is squeezed or stretched within the frame, it indicates the content may have been incorrectly scaled from how it was originally shot and/or finished.  When the aspect ratio does not match what is expected/intended, it may mean there is lost visual story cues. If the original aspect ratio was intended to be 2.40:1, and the file delivered is 1.78:1, the image has been zoomed in and is also missing picture information on the left/right).

Severity Structure:




The image is noticeably squeezed or stretched or is any aspect ratio other than what was expected/indicated in the request.

How to Prevent:

Ensure that the profile used to create the file has the Pixel Aspect Ratio (PAR) set correctly.

Confirm either original aspect ratio or native aspect ratio and make sure final deliverable is accurate.


Re-deliver in native aspect ratio.

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