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What is the difference between 'Delivered' and 'Processed' on Backlot?


When an asset is delivered successfully via the Backlot Source Delivery UI, the Source Request in Backlot will change to a ’Delivered' state and the automated QC checks will begin, validating the asset before it moves onto the next phase.

After all the automated QC checks are completed on the asset and no issues have been detected, it will go through our encoding pipeline. Once that process is complete the Source Request will change to 'Processed'. The asset is now pending Manual QC. 

Currently, there is no view that will show you when an asset has passed QC, however if you have not received a Redelivery Request after approximately 10 days of delivery, you can assume no issues have been detected with the file.

Please note that a Redelivery Request may still be issued if any problems are detected with the asset in future. For example, customer feedback, etc.

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