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Error Code:

VALIDATOR-1 (Source Duration Error)

Error Message:

New source runtime=1348, current video source runtime=1363, runtime mismatch has exceeded tolerance value of 1 seconds


A discrepancy has been detected between the runtime of the original asset delivered and that of a resupplied asset. This can occur when fulfilling a Redelivery Request or an Upgrade Request. The error message provides the duration of both assets in seconds.

A common example of this is when the originally uploaded file failed due to the presence of extraneous material such as bars and tone, ad breaks or too much black at the end. The redelivered file has this material removed in order to make the file compliant, however now the duration of the new file is shorter.

For A/V MUX assets a maximum difference of one second is allowed. For Secondary Audio assets a maximum difference of five seconds is allowed.


When performing a redelivery or upgrade request use the proxy available from Backlot to ensure the new file has the same duration as the original.

If the redelivered file must have a different duration because you are removing extraneous material then you should communicate this to your Netflix representative and they can override the error.

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