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Error Code:

ANALYZER-VideoDecodeErrorsSecondary (Video Decode Secondary errors)

Error Message:

decode error: [frame 15489, time 53.760000s] [prores @ 0x10d5f00] error decoding picture


Our secondary decoder (QuickTime) detected errors while decoding the video elementary stream. This could be caused by corrupted bytes or lost packets. The error message will provide the affected frame number within a 2-second margin of error.


Review 2 seconds around the highlighted frame, step through these frames both forwards and backwards up to ~48 frames on each side. Data corruption may manifest visually as a green or grey block, or may have active picture from the wrong frame.

If no issue is seen at this point please generate an MD5 checksum of the file and we will compare it to the file we have. If the MD5 checksums match the issue is inherent to your source. If the checksums do not match then issue was likely introduced during transfer to Aspera.

Reupload the file with a unique filename.

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