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Error Code:

UNSUPPORTED-4 (Same Language, Channels Error)

Error Message:

Secondary audio source has the same language code and channel mapping as the primary source, Invalid channel count found for audio source asset, file id = 9ea1f907-dee9-3a9c-9349-ff375d4f6402


The Secondary Audio file has an identical language code and channel mapping as the associated A/V MUX asset suggesting that either the language code or channel mapping used for the Secondary Audio asset is incorrect.


Ensure the contents of the Secondary Audio asset are as intended and that the language code used is correct. If the language code is correct, reach out to your Netflix representative to confirm what channel mapping option you selected during your delivery. 

Language code and channel mapping corrections can be done by performing a metadata only redelivery through the Backlot Delivery UI. 

Please contact your Netflix representative asking for them to update the source request to "New metadata only". They will communicate to you when the change is made and you can perform the redelivery.

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