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Error Code:

Conversion Error - Combing


“Combing” is any interlacing artifact introduced to the content image. This is often the result of an incorrect frame rate conversion that does not fully remove interlaced frames.


Combing is a very visible issue that is exacerbated by motion on-screen. This creates a very poor member experience as the eye is drawn to the object edges on screen and the viewer is removed from the story. 

Severity Structure:


On archival footage integrated into the program.


Motion is blurry and trails form alongside the opposite edges of motion.

How to Prevent:                          

Use a professional quality hardware or software standards conversion solution when changing from one frame rate to another. Avoid using a non-native frame rate source clip in a sequence of a different frame rate.


Ensure that the native frame rate of the source material is being applied. Review the field order that has been flagged in the files header information. If there is a discrepancy you may need to re-transcode or deinterlace.


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