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Error Code:

Color - SDR Issue


"SDR Issue" is the catch-all flag for flagging possible Standard Dynamic range issues, as derived from the metadata of a High Dynamic Range (HDR) master. 


The technical soundness of a source hinges on a problematic implementation of the HDR Process, the derived Standard Dynamic range elements are unpresentable and would impact the customer experience in a negative way if unresolved.

Severity Structure:




Any SDR metadata issue is present.

How to Prevent:                          

Ensure the correct color space and SDR trim values are being applied prior to delivery. You must check the SDR metadata by running the video signal out of a Dolby Vision capable playback platform, through a Dolby CMU or through the software version in your playback unit, to two, side-by-side UHD monitors simultaneously. One must be Dolby Vision capable, in order to display the HDR stream, the other can be a standard UHD monitor, which will display the SDR downconversion. Both streams will be in HD due to the nature of dual-link connections.


Correct the SDR trim value metadata and re-deliver.

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