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Error Code:

Dolby Vision Metadata Error


"Dolby Vision Metadata Error" refers to any and all issues with the embedded Dolby Vision metadata wrapped in the HDR IMF deliverables. Any color issues that exist only in the SDR (standard dynamic range) version derived from an HDR IMF are directly related to issues in the Dolby Vision metadata.


Dolby Vision Metadata Errors impact the Technical and Content Quality of an asset.  Since Netflix derives all SDR streams for HDR content directly from this metadata, any issues with this metadata will result in visible errors for members watching the SDR version.

Severity Structure:




Image or Canvas Aspect ratio do not match the active image A/R and full frame resolution of the video track as delivered, causing color mapping to be applied incorrectly across the image or in the mattes. 

Dolby Vision metadata is missing default image character values (Level 1) for any shot.  All shots must be analyzed. 

Dolby Vision metadata has image character (Level 1) 0,0,0 values for shots that are not true black frames.  

Shot durations in Dolby Vision metadata do not align with actual cuts in program or image character (Level 1) or trim values (Level 2 or Level 8) change mid-shot, causing visible color timing errors in the SDR version only.

Image character (Level 1) or trim values (Level 2 or Level 8) are all the same across the entire program or across multiple scenes, which do not exist in the same environment/ setting.    

How to Prevent:                          

During color grading, complete the Dolby analysis after the HDR color grade is finalized.  Make sure to confirm and save any additional trim pass information. Review SDR output derived from the Dolby metadata prior to final export.


Correct any Dolby Metadata errors and re-export the IMF.

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