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Error Code:

Extraneous Content - Burned in Subtitles


Dialogue has been subtitled and burnt into the video.


We require non-subtitled masters.

Netflix defines “non-subtitled” as the presence of main titles, end credits, narrative text, location call-outs, and other supportive/creative text, but no burned-in subtitled dialogue, regardless of the language in the primary video.

You may encounter a situation where a movie which is predominantly in English has a few scenes where characters speak another language and those scenes have burned in subtitles.

You must locate a non-subtitled master and redeliver. If you have textless elements available you can attempt to replace the subtitled sections with the textless elements.

If you do this please inform your Netflix representative via Backlot as a Forced Subtitle Source Request will need to be created which will cover those sections so that the viewer can follow along.

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