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Error Code:  

Burned in Subtitles


“Burned In Subtitles” refers to any subtitle text that is rendered into picture of the primary video asset.


Burned in subtitles impact the Content Quality of the Asset.  Netflix localizes subtitles for various languages to provide a seamless viewing experience for our members around the world.  Any subtitles that are rendered into picture will compete with Netflix localized subtitles. In some cases, both original and Netflix localized subtitles may be unreadable, if the Netflix localized subs are overlaid on top of the burned in subtitles. 

Severity Structure:




Subtitles are burned into the picture of the primary video asset.

How to Prevent:                          

Do not include any burned in subtitles to content being delivered to Netflix.

Review content for any on-screen text that is not main titles, end credits, locales or graphics.


Remove any burned in subtitles from picture, and redeliver.

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