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Error Code:

Extraneous Content (Audio)


"Extraneous Content" is when additional, unnecessary audio is included with program. This may be large sections of silence before or after program, 2 pops, and other extraneous dialogue, music or effects.


Extraneous content impacts the content quality of an asset. Member experience is negatively affected as audio unrelated to the program is served. This is potentially a creative element of the show, and contextual clues should exist to point to such. Any derivative of this file will contain Extraneous Content.

Severity Structure:


Clearly creatively intended, context clues exist to point to fact that the content was meant to be there.


File contains excessive silence, 2 pops or unrelated effects to action on screen. These are technical elements that are clearly not meant to be in the final product for the episode or show.

How to Prevent:                          

Lock audio tracks that are not being worked on in order to avoid cross-contaminating tracks. Review timeline to catch out of place or duplicated elements.


Redeliver a corrected audio file with the extra content removed.

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