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Error Code:

Incorrect Asset - Title 


"Incorrect Title" refers to an asset that does not have the correct title in program, or was delivered to the wrong source request. Contents of Secondary Audio file do not match title or description expected for the corresponding video file.


An incorrect title creates confusion over what the intended program is, and can create a sequencing issue in episodic content.

Severity Structure:




The wrong episode was received, or the title in program does not match the final/approved title specified.

How to Prevent: 

Review to ensure that package IDs match the source request when delivering.

Review filenames in comparison to source requests when delivering.

Compare expected titles to the titles in the program.


If the wrong episode was sent, the file must be redelivered to match source request. If the title in the program does not match the final/approved title, it must be updated and redelivered.

Check the contents of the affected file. Does it match the content requested in the Source Request? The audio contents should match the title listed on the Source Request.

If the incorrect file was uploaded, correct it by redelivering the actual asset via the Backlot Source UI. You may need to contact your Netflix representative to have the Source Request status flipped to Redelivery Requested "New Source and Metadata."

You may subsequently encounter a VALIDATOR-16 error upon redelivery. If this happens please notify your Netflix representative via Backlot, that you have verified the contents of this newly uploaded file and it is the correct content.

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