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Error Code:

Missing Content - Identifiers 


Missing speaker ID or missing dashes for dual speakers or same color caption for dual speakers. A deaf/hard of hearing person is unable to distinguish who is speaking and which line is being spoken by whom.


Ensure the file you have supplied is intended for a hearing-impaired audience.

If you have supplied a regular Subtitle asset in error then you must locate the correct asset type, or perform a complex conform to turn the Subtitle asset into an SDH/CC asset with the required audio cues, speaker ID's, etc.

If your file is an SDH/CC asset then there may simply be a few issues to correct. Please check the entire file to ensure there are no other missing identifiers.

In the event you use color to communicate changes in speaker be sure that your subtitling tool is explicitly stating a default color. If no color info is explicitly stated within the subtitle file for a given event, our system will default to our standard subtitle color (a light yellow or white, depending on the file type received). This can cause issues if you have used those colors explicitly elsewhere within the file.

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