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Why do I have to edit or remake my files? They were good enough for broadcast and iTunes!


One issue that we encounter often at Netflix is that files are simply re-purposed from broadcasters or other video-on-demand platforms, yet we find that they do not meet our technical or quality requirements.

Video assets originally used for broadcast may already be highly compressed and suffer from artifacts such as blended frames due to framerate conversions, burned in subtitles and commercial blacks. We find that Timed Text assets are notoriously poor quality as they have traditionally been treated as an after-thought, an asset that must be created as inexpensively and quickly as possible. These sorts of issues negatively impact the viewing experience on our service.

Those assets originally used for other VOD platforms are usually in better shape however, there may still be minor tweaks or fixes that need to be made to make it suitable for delivery to Netflix.

Ultimately we want the viewing experience be a good as it possibly can be, and for your content to look the best it can. On occasion, this means additional processing must be carried out or alternate sources are required.

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