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Error Code:

UNMATCHED-2 (Multiple Movie Match)

Error Message:

Failed to match to a single movie, Request IDs provided [ba75a1b5-5c48-45e3-860e-39490a0bd4da, 46b39407-0c15-46b4-8278-ce5ebeeb3a7c] match to multiple movies [SeansShow: Season1: Episode 1 (1234567), TarasShow: Season1: Episode 1: (9876543)]


A manifest includes multiple assets, however the Netflix Request ID's used indicate that the assets are linked to different shows or movies. In the error message above you can see that the two Netflix Request ID's belong to different shows (highlighted in bold above).


Our system uses a number of tags within the metadata to determine which project, package or movie/show to associate the referenced assets with.

Within a manifest you specify a single Movie <OriginalTitle> or TV Show + Episode <ShowName> + <OriginalTitle>.

Therefore all assets referenced within the manifest (along with the Netflix Request IDs) must be associated with the Movie or TV Show + Episode listed.

Make sure the correct Netflix Request ID's are used. If the assets belong to different Movies or Shows then deliver them with separate manifest files.

We recommend that you only reference one asset per manifest. Doing so will avoid this issue.

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