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Error Code:

UNSUPPORTED-6 (Primary replacement wrong language)

Error Message:

Existing primary source's language Code = fr and replacement primary source's language Code = fr-CA


A metadata and source redelivery has been carried out in an attempt to update an incorrect language code causing a mismatch. In the example above, an A/V MUX file was originally uploaded with the language code of "fr", however upon Manual QC the language was found to be "fr-CA". The Partner then attempted to reupload the video (identical to the original) with updated metadata using the correct language code of "fr-CA".


If all you need to do is correct the language code, then you can do this by performing a metadata only redelivery through the Backlot Delivery UI.

Please contact your Netflix representative asking for them to update the source request to "New metadata only". They will communicate to you when the change is made and you can perform the redelivery.

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