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Error Code:

UNSUPPORTED-2 (Same Language Video 8 Channel)

Error Message:

Secondary audio source has the same language code as the primary source and the primary source has 8 channels, Invalid channel count found for primary source asset, file id = b138b5aa-48cc-3e9d-8063-038e66f04e51


A secondary audio asset has the same language code as the associated A/V MUX asset which already has 8 channels.


A/V MUX asset has 8 channels and is tagged as "en"

Secondary Audio asset has 2 channels and is also tagged as "en"


Ensure the language code used for the Secondary Audio asset is correct.

If all you need to do is correct the language code, then you can do this by performing a metadata only redelivery through the Backlot Delivery UI.

Please contact your Netflix representative and ask them to update the source request to "New metadata only". They will communicate to you when the change is made and you can perform the redelivery.

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