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Error Code:


Error Message:

Excessive silence was found. 32.621796% silence in the LtRt channels may be the result of an audio problem.


An excessive amount of silence has been detected in a specific channel. The error message will list the percentage of silence detected along with the label of the affected channel(s).

We define silence as -80dBFS or lower. We allow a certain amount of silence on each channel. The values below outline exactly how much silence (%) is allowed on a given channel:

Stereo: 25%

Left/Right: 75%

Center: 60%

Left Surround/Right Surround: 99%

Low Frequency Effect: 100%


Review the channels highlighted in the error message. The error could indicate a channel mapping issue or data corruption, both of which will require redelivery.

If the silence is an intentional creative effect then please relay this information to your Netflix representative by commenting on the Source Request in Backlot.

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