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Error Message:

Digital Hit inspector has identified an audio glitch: 5.63s long in channels Lt+Rt indexes [0,1] at timecode 0:22:27 (also Lt+Rt[0,1] at 0:19:44, 0:19:45, 0:19:49, 0:19:54, 0:19:59, 0:20:04, 0:20:06, 0:20:10, and 0:20:11)


Audio glitches have been detected in the delivered file. The error message will provide the timecodes of the digital hits as well as identify which channels are affected.


Review the timecodes specified in the error message. If your source appears good, then it's possible the issue occurred during the delivery process. Redeliver using a unique filename.

If your file is affected by digital hits an alternate source must be located and delivered.

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