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Error Code:

ANALYZER-CommercialBlacks (Commercial Blacks Detected)

Error Message:

Found 2 commercial black segments, max allowed 0: [1249] 240 frames; [129469] 241 frames; ; 00:00:52-00:01:02, 01:30:00-01:30:10,


A black segment(s) with a duration greater than two seconds has been found within the A/V MUX asset. The error message provides the number of segments found, the frame number where the segment starts, it's duration in frames, and the start/end timecodes (hh:mm:ss)


Review the timecodes provided in the error message and reduce the duration of the black segment(s) to less than that 2 seconds. If the use of a black segment is the creative intent, please override the failed inspection in Backlot (as shown below): 

*Note: All inspection overrides should be accompanied by a detailed Backlot comment for project stakeholder visibility. 

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