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Extraneous Content - Censorship (Video) 


"Censorship" refers to any edit made to the video or audio content of an asset to conceal anything that may be offensive or illegal to broadcast.


Censorships are obvious edits that may be disruptive to the customer experience depending on the context.

Severity Structure:




The censorship does not honor the original creative intent of the content and is not legally required.

How to Prevent:

If the content is airing somewhere other than Netflix where censorship is required - maintain a separate Netflix version to avoid confusion.

If the content is exclusively for Netflix, censorship should never be introduced.


Remove any censorship edits that are not legally required or follow the original creative intent of the content.

You must request an uncensored master and redeliver a clean asset. If you have textless elements available, you can attempt to replace the censored sections with the textless elements.

If you are unable to acquire an uncensored master, please contact your Netflix representative by leaving a comment on the Source Request in Backlot.

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