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The following features have been updated:

  1. Search by episode and timed text supplementals MID
  2. Title information header
  3. Column sorting


Episode & Timed Text Supplemental Project Search

You can now search for projects by episode or timed text supplemental MID. Simply type the supplemental or episode MID in the Project Search Bar and select the project in the dropdown. Once selected, you’ll be redirected to the project with the results automatically filtered.


Title Information Header

The title info header on the project page now has the synopsis and contacts for that project (this pulls from Airtable). Just hover over “More” on the right-hand side and a dropdown appears with all that info.

Column Sorting

Request tables now have a dedicated popup window for column sorting - alphabetically or numerically. Simply select the Sort button and add each column you’d like to sort. To the right of each column filter, you can sort to your liking.


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